Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Rules US Box Office (Again)

Since Twilight fans are the sort of people who might, say, go and see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theatres any number of times between two and one-hundred and seventy, it’s no surprise that the fifth (and final) film in the vampire franchise ruled the US box office this weekend for the second time in a row. Apparently mediocre movies with awful plots are really in these days, or perhaps the world has just gone to hell: it pulled in an impressive $43 million, pushing its grand total past the $200 million mark.

As for new movies, Rise of the Guardians – an animated story that looks like it might’ve started out like a good idea, only for the filmmakers to realise that they only had two legitimate characters before they started adding in “Sandman” and “Jack Frost” – failed to draw in the big audiences, becoming Dreamworks’ lowest opening for an animation in years. Oops. Rise of the Guardians brought in just $24 million for a total of $32 million, but still came in second overall.

Wreck-It Ralph went down to sixth place this weekend, but drew in an added $16.7 million for a running total of $149 million. Red Dawn, the ill-judged remake of the ill-judged 80s original, took in only $14 million and has made just $22 million in five days. Silver Linings Playbook, which stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, made it into the top ten this week and bagged $4.6 million. Which says a lot for films in which Jennifer Lawrence announces in the trailer that she’s basically a slut.

Source: Box Office Mojo