Twilight: Eclipse Destroys The Box Office

It’s really no surprise to anyone that Twilight: Eclipse is tearing it up at the box office. What may come as a surprise though is just how well it is actually doing. The Playlist reports that the Wednesday total for the film, so in 24 hours, the film racked in an astonishing $68.5 million dollars.

What’s even better is the fact that the budget for the film was only $68 million. In just 24 hours Twilight: Eclipse made back its budget. The folks at Summit Entertaining must be celebrating.

It’s funny when you look at a film like Twilight: Eclipse, made for just $68 million and you see how well it did and you compare it to a film like The Last Airbender, which was made for $280 million and is absolutely bombing.

Analysts predict Eclipse to smash all sorts of records over the next few days and weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on anymore news regarding the matter.

Eclipse now holds the number two spot for biggest opening day. The number three spot goes to The Dark Knight with $67.2 million and the number one spot goes to Twilight: New Moon which pulled in $72.7 million.