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Two ‘Avengers’ movies coming in 2025, ‘The Kang Dynasty’ up first

The multiverse is about to shake things up.

Kang Loki

Ever since Phase Four kicked off in earnest, Kevin Feige has been telling us that the Avengers would be assembled again, we’d just have to wait a while for it to happen.

Well, we can finally start thinking about what comes next for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes after the architect of the cinematic universe announced Avengers: The Kang Dynasty to the world during Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Not only that, but we’re getting two assemblies of superpowered all-stars in the space of six months, with The Kang Dynasty releasing on May 2, before the cat was let out of the bag to confirm Secret Wars for November 7.

The latest stage of the franchise’s unstoppable expansion has largely been about clean slates, new beginnings, and laying the groundwork for the latest batch of fresh heroic faces set to carry the franchise into the future. Now that entirety of Phase Five and the beginning of Phase Six has been laid out, it’s time for the speculation to really begin.

Given that Spider-Man: No Way Home is the only one of the MCU’s five highest-grossing entries that isn’t an Avengers epic, there was no way Disney or Marvel were going to leave billions on the table by sending the all-star team out to pasture.

Now that we’ve got our first hints as to where everything is heading in the long run, then, every new film and television project coming down the pipeline is set to be placed under greater scrutiny than ever before to see how it leads into The Kang Dynasty, and ultimately Secret Wars.

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