Two Great Harrison Ford Movies Hit Netflix Next Month

Harrison Ford

Netflix is getting a ton of new content in September and there’s something for everyone, especially Harrison Ford fans who are getting two classic films brought to the service.

Kick-off September with a back-to-back binge of Ford watching Clear and Present Danger along with Blade Runner: The Final Cut when they launch on September 1st.

Two very different films both in tone and in action, Clear and Present Danger puts Ford in the position of CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan and is the third in a series of Tom Clancy adapted films including Patriot Games and The Hunt For Red October.

The movie follows Ryan as he discovers a covert war being fought with the Colombian drug cartel under the approval of the President. If you’re into political thrillers then this is the perfect film for you to check out in September.

Another Harrison Ford starred classic will also join the service, this time the iconic Sci-Fi hit Blade Runner. Netflix will receive the Final Cut version of the film which includes some stark differences from its theatrical release that fit more of the vision that Ridley Scott had for the film.

With the first version of the film airing in 1982, Blade Runner received a true sequel in 2017 with Blade Runner 2049 which was both loved by fans and critics alike. If you’ve seen the movie, check out where the series began with this classic Sci-Fi gem.

There is plenty of new movies and films coming to Netflix in September but don’t miss getting your fix of Harrison Ford goodness before these two films leave the service.