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Uncharted Fans Are Making Fun Of The Film Being Delayed Again

Sony's Uncharted movie has been delayed once again, causing fans to poke fun at the long-gestating production.


Pop quiz, hotshot: which long-delayed film do you think will emerge first from the pits of development hell – New Mutants? Or Sony’s big-screen adaptation of Uncharted?

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It’s impossible to know, given each production has been delayed multiple times over. For now, it seems as though Nathan Drake has his nose in front, given Sony just recently confirmed an October 2021 launch date for their live-action Uncharted film.

New Mutants, on the other hand, was originally locked in for April 3rd (that’s this Friday), only to be delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Fox reportedly plans to release the film into the wild before the year’s end, but again, the fate of New Mutants is still shrouded in mystery.

Circling back to Uncharted, though, and the pic’s latest setback has led to some light-hearted jokes among fans, who have collectively labeled Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s action movie to be the cinematic equivalent of vaporware – something announced to the public but never actually released.


And three more reactions from Twitter:

But don’t fret! It’s not all doom and gloom; Tom Holland recently went on record to say that Uncharted‘s script is among the best he’s ever read. And this coming from the actor who has laid eyes on screenplays for both Avengers: Infinity War and its juggernaut sequel, Endgame.

So, yes, there’s still hope for the video game movie that has now spent the best part of a decade trapped in development limbo. It’s got a director, for one, in Venom‘s Ruben Fleischer which, coupled with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg (the latter of whom was incidentally attached to play lead character Nathan Drake, long before the film was repackaged as a prequel) leaves us feeling cautiously optimistic… if a little impatient.

Starring Holland and Wahlberg, Sony’s Uncharted prequel movie will finally – finally! – see the warm light of day on October 8th, 2021.