‘Uncharted’ star speculates on ‘Lost Legacy’ spinoff project

The jury is still very much out on Sony Pictures’ Uncharted. The debut trailer looked painfully generic, the games are already an Indiana Jones pastiche, and star Tom Holland has even said he doesn’t he think was the right person to play Nathan Drake. But let’s hold out some hope that, at minimum, we’ll see some of the games’ coolest action sequences brought to life.

There’s also word that Sony considers Uncharted to be the beginning of a new action franchise, with rumors of sequels adapting parts of the six games in the series in the works. One particularly great entry is 2017’s Uncharted: Lost Legacy, a spinoff following treasure hunter Chloe Frazer and merc leader Nadine Ross.

Now Sophie Taylor Ali, who plays Chloe, has been hoping this will happen. In an interview with Comic Book Movie, she confirmed that Nadine isn’t introduced in this movie, but hints are her future arrival:

“We don’t introduce Nadine, maybe in the second film or third. Who knows? If they were to go off and do their own movie, that would be pretty baller.”

Ali then went into what it’s like to play Chloe, contrasting her with her character Alia from new movie India Sweets and Spices:

“She’s so different than Alia, from anyone actually that I’ve ever had the privilege of playing, which is so cool. She was a big challenge though because I had to learn an Australian accent, so much of her stuff is stunts and she’s such a badass in the games that I wanted to be able to do that with the stunts. I wanted to look just as badass and hopefully, I do, but you never know. It’s scary!”

Chloe is one of the cooler characters in the Uncharted series, acting as a nice foil to Nathan Drake with a slightly more duplicitous skill-set. If Ali and director Ruben Fleischer can capture her cunning and physical prowess we could have a great action heroine on our hands — one definitely worthy of a Lost Legacy spinoff.

We’ll find for ourselves when Uncharted lands on Feb. 18, 2022. Fingers crossed that dodgy first trailer wasn’t representative of the final movie and that Tom Holland’s fears that he isn’t a good Nathan Drake are unfounded.