Unravel The Mysteries Of Interstellar With This Spoiler-Filled Breakdown


At this stage in the game, it goes without saying that Interstellar is an intellectual movie. Hell, it may very well be one of the most intellectual films ever committed to celluloid. Whether it’s gravitational fields, worm holes or Einstein’s theory of relativity, there’s enough science and physics crammed into Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi opus to sink a ship, and it’s one that can take a while to fully deduce.

So, aside from watching the film with Neil deGrasse Tyson, YouTube user Mr. Sunday Movies has the next best thing: a play-by-play breakdown from beginning to end. Be advised that the commentator does delve into the minutia of the multi-layered plot, so if you have yet to see Interstellar, we strongly advise that you bookmark the video for a later date.

Interstellar blasted into theaters over the weekend where it grossed close to $50 million — around the same amount as Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, incidentally. Ultimately, it was pipped at the post by Disney’s family-oriented animation, Big Hero 6, which rose to the top of the pack with $56 million. Now with each film entering their second week, it’ll be interesting to see how word of mouth affects each release.

Nevertheless, Nolan’s latest project debuted approximately 20% lower than the director’s other cerebral sci-fi, Inception and given that Interstellar is being described as the auteur’s most divisive film to date, the film may have financially peaked already. Here’s hoping we’re wrong, though.

Interstellar is available to watch now in cinemas and IMAX theaters, and for more on Nolan’s sci-fi opus, be sure to check out our review.