Here’s An Up-Close Look At Robin’s Costume From Batman V Superman


When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced us to the current onscreen iteration of the Caped Crusader, it quickly became apparent that the guy had been cleaning up the streets of Gotham City for at least twenty years. Thus, he’d already tangoed with his rogues gallery dozens of times over, and probably racked up his share of sidekicks along the way.

Of course, Robin would be the first among any others to have fought at the side of the Dark Knight. But much like in the comics (we’ll further explore this in a moment), some version of the Boy Wonder was murdered by the Joker, which BvS hinted at when we saw a vandalized costume preserved in the Bat Cave.

As you may remember, Bird Boy’s duds were shown from a distance, so it’s nice to be given this closeup shot we’re able to present today. Funny enough, it doesn’t come from someone like Zack Snyder, but rather, actor Ross Butler, who posted it on social media before it was screenshotted and made its way over to – where else? – Reddit.

Getting back to the idea of Robin’s demise, those of us who are intimately familiar with comics assumed that the costume once belonged to that of Jason Todd, the second young man to take up the mantle. If his name sounds familiar to even the novice, it should, because it was he whom the Joker slaughtered in Batman: A Death in the Family before Todd was resurrected long down the road and emerged as the anti-hero known as the Red Hood.

But according to Snyder himself, there’s no guarantee it was Jason who gave up the ghost in this case. Cryptic as that was, source material merely serves as inspiration for films such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. So who knows, maybe it was actually Dick Grayson who bit the dust this time around? After all, he’s really the only Robin that the average moviegoer is familiar with – so it’d make some kind of sense.