Explaining Once Upon A Deadpool’s Post-Credits Scenes


Deadpool 2 stayed true to its irreverent tone right through the end credits, when a series of bonus scenes showed Wade Wilson traveling back in time to right a few wrongs from both the film itself and from Ryan Reynolds’ career. But while all of these post-credits scenes make a return in Once Upon a Deadpool – albeit, edited for a PG-13 audience – the festive re-release also throws in a few additional moments to account for various developments in both the movie and in the real world.

In true Deadpool spirit, the first of the post-credits sequences shows Wade and Fred Savage discussing how much they love post-credits sequences, likening them to private little talks with the filmmakers. After that, things get even more meta when Savage is freed from his bed. As Wade helps the Princess Bride star to walk again after three days tied up, the camera pulls back to show that they aren’t in a bedroom at all but rather a set, before it’s said that the filming crew had a hand in kidnapping Savage.

Saved right for the end, however, is a tribute to the late Stan Lee, who’s shown in a montage of alternate takes from the first Deadpool 2 teaser. The sequence then moves on to further pictures from across the late comic book creator’s career as Lee himself is heard saying that he never expected his stories to resonate so much with people, let alone inspire major films. We then end on an interview with Lee, in which the writer is asked what he hopes people say about him after he’s gone, to which he responds, “He wrote some really good stories.”

These post-credits clips are just a few examples of the twenty-plus minutes of new footage featured in Once Upon a Deadpool, and should fans want to see all this and more, the family friendly flick’s two-week run in cinemas is still underway.