‘V/H/S/94’ Images Preview New Terrors In Store For Viewers


Found footage horror movies have certainly cemented their place within the entertainment realm. From The Blair Witch Project to Creep and The Taking Of Deborah Logan, the stories they tell can come across as so realistic it’s hard to draw the line between horror movies and actual terror.

Not all horror fans love found-footage, but that doesn’t stop filmmakers from using this storytelling technique in filmmaking. In fact, there’s a new film coming to Shudder titled V/H/S/94, and it’s the fourth part of the V/H/S horror anthology franchise by Bloody Disgusting and Studio 71.

The synopsis for the upcoming horror film is as follows.

In the year 1994, a SWAT team unit raids a supposed drug lab only to find a sinister cult compound whose collection of pre-recorded material uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy. Upon searching, they find multiple horrifying cassettes: a young man’s recording of an overnight wake; a news reporter and her cameraman’s search for an urban legend who dwells inside a storm drain; a mad scientist’s attempt at creating a biomechanical creature, and a violent militia who discover a “supernatural element” that will serve their mission of overthrowing the U.S. government.

The series of stories shown via the cassettes sound terrifying. A mad scientist, a violent militia, and an overnight wake — just what nightmares are made of. Bloody Disgusting shared more about V/H/S/94 and also gave fans a preview of what to expect with a gallery of images today.

The photos absolutely capture the essence of the V/H/S storytelling. They’re nostalgic, but not in the sense that you’ve lived the craziness they embody — of course.

The film had a premiere at Fantastic Fest over the weekend, and the wait for the rest of us won’t be too long. You can see V/H/S/94 on Shudder on October 6th, 2021. Here’s to spooking.