Vanessa Hudgens will honk her horn as a trucker in ‘Big Rig’

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens is hitting the open road in an upcoming film, Big Rig, highlighting the ups and downs of parenthood, partnership, and the struggle to make ends meet.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news today, including a quote from BCDF Pictures’ Dal Farra on their excitement to work with Hudgens and director Martha Stephens on such a unique project. “We are delighted to be working with Martha and Vanessa on this upbeat and powerful story of freedom and self-discovery.”

Hudgens takes on the role of Bertie in the upcoming film, and it’s going to be more of an emotional journey than you might have initially expected.

“In Big Rig, Bertie takes a striking dramatic turn as a young mother who finds her freedom and herself on the open road as a big rig truck driver. Living in a small town in Tennessee, Bertie is strapped for cash and shouldering most of the responsibility as she and her husband Sonny try to make ends meet for their three unruly young kids. Bertie decides to take matters into her own hands by secretly learning how to drive 18-wheelers and soon hits the open road, tearing across the United States.”

The open road might just be all it’s cracked up to be in Big Rig, and it’s clear that Hudgens’ character Bertie will have some difficult decisions to make.

“Bertie is thrilled by her newfound sense of adventure and purpose, and her family life is also improving. But as Bertie makes new friends and racks up the miles, she finds her home life harder to return to, and her tried-and-true relationship with Sonny starts to break down. As these two sides of her life compete for her attention, Bertie must decide where her heart really lies.”

David Garrett from Mister Smith Entertainment also shared a nod to the film’s storytelling journey and how audiences are looking for a story like this one right now. Calling the movie “the kind of heart-warming, funny, sexy story that audiences are craving right now,” Garrett said they’re excited to have Hudgens help breathe life into the story on the big screen.

Big Rig is set to begin filming this year.

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