Venom 3 Could Adapt The Maximum Carnage Arc

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Audiences may be gearing up for Venom 2, but several rumors online make it seem like the studio is already in the midst of preparing for the third installment in the franchise. Recent casting decisions hint that the series could soon be adapting the “Maximum Carnage” storyline from the comic books as the upcoming sequel, along with other standalone movies set in the same cinematic universe, will introduce several characters that may all cross paths in Venom 3 for an epic showdown.

If the filmmakers decide to follow this plot from the comics, it’ll mean Woody Harrelson’s Carnage and Tom Hardy’s Venom will finally appear onscreen with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This would make sense, too, given that we already reported that Peter Parker is expected to make an appearance in Venom 3.

Of course, the movie likely won’t be able to pull off a strict adaptation of “Maximum Carnage” due to all of the many characters that the comics were able to bring together. Still, it seems likely that the flick will be able to create an event using some of the faces that they’ll have already introduced to viewers by that point.

For example, next summer’s Morbius will usher in Jared Leto’s titular vampire who’ll eventually share the big screen with both Toms in the near future. It seems likely that the pic will at least mention Venom or Spider-Man, too, if not go so far as to give them a full cameo or an appearance in the post-credits scene. A Black Cat and Silver Sable feature is also reportedly in the works. Throw in the expected addition of Shriek to the Venom follow-up and it looks like Sony is quickly adding a big cast of central characters to what they’re hoping becomes a series that rivals the MCU.

All of this is speculation as of right now, of course, but it’s definitely something that we’re hoping to see down the road. Closer to home, though, Venom 2  is expected to hit theaters on October 2nd, 2020, while the release date of Venom 3 has yet to be announced.