‘Venom’ director addresses possible return to Sony’s Marvel universe


Sony is going all-in on expanding a Marvel Comics universe of its own, and if the franchise comes close to replicating the success and longevity of Kevin Feige’s MCU or Warner Bros. DCEU, then Ruben Fleischer will earn his place in the history books.

The entire mythology is built on the back of the filmmaker’s Venom, which hauled in over $850 million at the box office back in late 2018, and there are now countless additional superhero projects in development that are all set in the same storytelling sandbox.

Andy Serkis’ sequel Let There Be Carnage ranks as one of the pandemic’s biggest hits, Morbius is finally landing in April, while Kraven the Hunter arrives in January of next year, Dakota Johnson has been confirmed as Madame Web, and there’s also the small matter of those Tom Holland Spider-Man cameos we’re all expecting.

It all traces back to Fleischer’s opening salvo in the end, though, and the Uncharted helmer addressed a potential return to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in an interview with ScreenRant.

“Time will tell. I had a great experience making the first Venom and I’m excited to see where the franchise goes.”

Serkis is expected to return for the in-development Venom 3, so it’s unlikely Fleischer will be tackling Eddie Brock again, but that doesn’t mean Sony couldn’t hypothetically end up handing him another property to take a stab at one day in the future.

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