Venom Movie Back On At Sony; Won’t Connect To New Spider-Man


When Sony made the deal with Marvel to share the rights to Spider-Man, most of us felt that the batch of spinoffs they were planning – which reportedly included the likes of Black Cat, Sinister Six, and even an Aunt May movie – would have fallen by the wayside. However, at least one of those projects has been revived: Venom.

THR reports that the studio plans to move forward with the film, only this time with Edge of Tomorrow scribe Dante Harper on scripting duty – but that’s not the biggest news here. Whereas the previous incarnation of Venom would have been a spinoff set in the same continuity as Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man movies, apparently this new version will be “apart from and unrelated to” to the reboot that’s in the works with Tom Holland.

Ummm… that kinda begs the question: what’s the point, then?

At any rate, fans should be delighted dismayed to hear that both Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are back on board to produce and oversee the project. Seriously, we’re having a very hard time getting excited about this.

Tell us, could you get behind a solo Venom movie that won’t be connected to the current Spider-Man movie canon? Sound off below and let us know.