Latest BTS Photo For Venom Sees Tom Hardy Hone His Craft


Ever since Ruben Fleischer’s Venom took the defining step into production, the Internet has been awash with candid set photos and leaked videos featuring Tom Hardy in character as the haunted Eddie Brock.

But thanks to IGN, this week will see the release of Venom‘s first official promo – be it a fleeting teaser or, in the more likely scenario, a high-res shot of Hardy in action. Still no update on the timing of that reveal; chances are it’ll be with us sometime tomorrow, but we can’t be too sure.

In the meantime, Tom Hardy has offered up the next best thing: a behind-the-scenes image of the actor listening intently to Avi Arad, producer and all-around Spider-Man expert who helped nurture Venom into existence alongside Matt Tolmach. It also retains the black-and-white color palette that has defined Hardy’s digital diary, while CBM managed to uncover another set photo of an actor – presumably Hardy – wearing a Venom-inspired hoody.

And though it’s impossible to know for sure, the first image appears to have been taken from within Eddie Brock’s apartment. Indeed, if you’ve been keeping track of Venom‘s production thus far, you’ll recognize that humble abode from previously revealed photos, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if it appears once again by way of IGN’s exclusive premiere.

Speaking of which, it’ll be with us sometime between now and the week’s end, so keep your cursors pointed toward We Got This Covered for further coverage. Elsewhere, we know Sony and Fleischer’s Venom spinoff, the first in a Spidey-less universe at the studio, has earmarked Planet of the Symbiotes and Lethal Protector as narrative inspiration, with the final product expected to crawl into theaters on October 5th.