Venom Takes Over Peter Parker In Awesome Spider-Man 3 Fan Art


Even though Marvel Studios will be handling Spider-Man solo movies for the foreseeable future, the entire idea behind the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters appears to be predicated on the involvement of Tom Holland’s web-slinger somewhere down the line. Venom may have been a standalone story that had nothing to do with the MCU, but the chances of that remaining the case when sequel Let There Be Carnage arrives are slim.

After all, the trailers for Morbius have featured background murals of Spider-Man and and an appearance by Homecoming villain Adrian Toomes, while Kraven the Hunter is also getting a solo movie from Triple Frontier director J.C. Chandor. Kevin Feige has even admitted that fans should expect the MCU’s Peter Parker to show up in the SPUMC one day, and the smart money is on Sony building towards the Sinister Six by introducing the key members in various spinoffs before bringing them together for the epic crossover event that they were originally planning years ago with Drew Goddard at the helm.

Of course, with Spider-Man and Venom starting to circle each other’s orbit once again, another stab at the iconic symbiote storyline can’t be ruled out, and some new fan art from BossLogic imagines a terrifying transformation taking place, which you can check out below.

Spider-Man 3‘s interpretation of Venom hardly hid the fact that Sam Raimi wasn’t interested in the character, but it could be worth revisiting if Sony hired the right filmmaker and tasked them with a superhero blockbuster that also incorporated heavy elements of body horror to deliver something fresh, exciting, unique and terrifying, which would coincidentally give the studio the opportunity to put their two most marketable Marvel names in the same movie to guarantee bumper box office business.