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‘Very, very soon’: ‘Venom 3’ debutant has an exciting update for the only one of Sony’s live-action Marvel properties people like

Everything seems to be on schedule.

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Sony may have changed the Marvel game in the animated department with its Spider-Verse endeavors, but the studio isn’t exactly killing it on the live-action front, to put it lightly. Indeed, the debacle that followed Morbius just might go down as one of the most embarrassing plights in cinematic history, and overall faith in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is a bit hard to come by, despite efforts from the upcoming Kraven the Hunter.

And while the Venom saga doesn’t exactly do this particular shared universe any justice, they’ve at least come out in the yellow from the perspective of many a fan, rather than the deep red that the franchise looks destined to be associated with for the next little bit. The adventures of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock are to the SSU what Rise of the Beasts has been to the overall Transformers franchise, and that has to count for something.

It makes sense, then, that moviegoers would await news on Venom 3 with a bit more anticipation than any other news out of this franchise, and Juno Temple – the Ted Lasso star set to make her Marvel debut in the iconic symbiote’s third romp – was happy to provide. In an interview with Variety, the actress revealed that filming for Venom 3 isn’t far down the line at all, and she couldn’t be more excited to jump in after sharing production starts “very, very soon, which I’m thrilled about.”

There’s no telling at this point who Temple could be portraying, but it appears to be a particularly major role by all accounts. She’ll also be starring alongside fellow SSU newcomer Chiwetel Ejiofor, known for his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Baron Mordo; a character that he has a not-zero chance of reprising in Venom 3.

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