Yet Another Villain Confirmed For The Dark Knight Rises

UPDATE: Looks like Neeson will definitely be in the film. Warner Bros. has all but confirmed it.

Looks like Bane won’t be the only villain that Batman faces off against when Christopher Nolan brings us The Dark Knight Rises this summer. After a surprising reveal last week that confirmed the existence of Talia al Ghul, we now have word on yet another villain who will likely be causing some trouble for the Caped Crusader.

A while back, it was rumored that Liam Neeson would be reprising his role as Ra’s al Ghul. While up to this point it hadn’t been confirmed, now it looks as if the rumors were true. While talking to Showbiz Spy, Neeson told them the following.

“I can tell you nothing about ‘Dark Knight Rises’, seriously. I was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn’t tell me anything of what it’s about. So, I’m being very honest when I say I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

If he was on set for that long, it’s more than likely that he filmed a couple scenes. The only question is, whether they are just flashback scenes or if his character is somehow going to factor into the plot. Either way, his appearance will be brief but at least now we know that Ra’s will definitely be back in some capacity.

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