Vin Diesel Reportedly Wants To Take Fast & Furious Franchise Underwater

Fast and Furious

Realistically, there’s absolutely no combination of vehicles that the Fast & Furious series hasn’t or wouldn’t use for an action sequence, which has been proven innumerable times over the last 20 years.

We’ve seen a car crash into a boat that was already on the water, the gang has driven out of a moving plane before parachuting directly into a high speed chase, a tank rolled along the highway and pancaked innocent drivers with reckless abandon, the crew was hunted by a submarine while Dwayne Johnson diverted torpedoes with his bare hands, and we’re about to see a stealth bomber use a magnet to pick up a moving car in the upcoming ninth installment.

So far, the only mode of transport we haven’t seen yet is something capable of traveling into outer space, and even that’s expected to have been covered by the time Fast & Furious 9 draws to a close. Dominic Toretto and his crew are running out of things to destroy, then, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us about John Cena’s top secret role in F9 long before it was confirmed – that the franchise’s figurehead and producer wants to take the action underwater.

There are only two outings left in the main saga, with Justin Lin helming the back to back tenth and eleventh movies, and you can guarantee that Fast & Furious is going to go out in spectacular fashion. So far, we’ve yet to see an extended set piece beneath the waves, something the creative team is probably completely aware of and keen to rectify, and the mind already boggles about what sort of misadventures Dom and his family could get up to 20,000 leagues below.