Vin Diesel Reportedly Returning For Multiple Bloodshot Movies


The tale of the Valiant Cinematic Universe is already a strange one, even if the entire franchise’s output spans just one box office bomb. Looking back, Vin Diesel saying that he would travel to China regardless of how the studio felt about the rapidly spreading infection circulating around Wuhan so that he could promote Bloodshot feels like a lifetime ago, and since then, there’s been no shortage of rumors and speculation over what the future could potentially hold.

After all, the action star has made it his entire life’s goal to feature in as many franchises as humanly possible, so Bloodshot underwhelming commercially was hardly going to put much of a dent in his plans. Calling the movie mediocre would be generous, though, and it suffered from being one of the last major titles to hit theaters before the world got shut down, making just $37 million at the box office on a $45 million budget.


From there, rumors began swirling that Diesel was set to be recast and the property rebooted, in the hopes that Valiant would get it right the second time around and we could all just pretend as though Bloodshot had never happened. However, after months of radio silence, it was then announced that the chrome-domed Fast and Furious legend would be back for a sequel, presumably based on the early VOD release resulting in a nice little uptick in profits.

Now, insider Daniel Richtman claims that the 53 year-old has actually signed on for multiple Bloodshot pics, noting that the plan is to make an entire trilogy. And while he offers no further details, based on Diesel’s love of a multi-film series, it wouldn’t come as much surprise if he wanted to keep churning out forgettable comic book adaptations. Let’s just hope that the next one fares a bit better than what we saw earlier this year.