Vin Diesel Reportedly Wants Veto Power On Everything Fast & Furious

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has been the leading man of the Fast & Furious franchise since the very beginning, and he now pockets a salary in excess of $20 million every time he throws on Dominic Toretto’s signature vest. He’s also been one of the producers since the fourth installment through his One Race Films banner, although there’s plenty of debate about how much influence and sway he actually holds over the series.

Last year, the actor took to social media and declared he was mitigating a war between Universal and the Producers Guild of America in regards to the ninth installment, which it turned out was all about him and how he was credited. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the majority of producers during either the opening or closing titles of a movie get a p.g.a. addendum after their name, which is a signifier that the organization has verified them as a substantial contributor to the finished product.

Diesel has been trying to get one of those addendums for well over a decade, but the PGA keep turning him down because they don’t think he does enough on the development or logistical side of things to merit the distinction, which qualifies the person in question for things like increased bonuses and a potential share of any awards season glory.

On that note, insider Daniel Richtman now offers that Diesel wants full veto power on all Fast & Furious related matters moving forward, which presumably equates to creative control over sequels, spinoffs and such, but the tipster doesn’t share any further details. If the 53 year-old is indeed pushing for full oversight, though, then there’s pretty much no chance he’ll get it considering neither Universal or the PGA think he contributes enough to the producorial aspects of the property as it is.

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