Vin Diesel Says He Had Mixed Emotions About Fast & Furious 9 Going To Outer Space

Vin Diesel

As ridiculous as it sounds, there was always an air of inevitability surrounding the Fast & Furious franchise heading into outer space. After all, for the last decade the series has prided itself on upping the ante with each new installment, and having destroyed virtually every form of transport available on Earth, there was really only one place left to go.

The fans wanted to see it, several members of the creative team talked about hoping to make it happen and now, F9 has finally made it a reality. Even the stars of the movie could barely contain their excitement, with Ludacris basically letting the cat out of the bag last summer, only for Michelle Rodriguez to confirm it shortly afterwards, before the final trailer gave the game away by revealing that Tej and Roman would strap themselves into a rocket-powered car and fly above our atmosphere.

In a new interview to promote the blockbuster’s impending domestic release, Vin Diesel revealed his initial reaction when he first heard that Fast & Furious 9 was boldly going where very few non sci-fi properties have gone before, and he wasn’t as enthusiastic as you might’ve thought.

“Oh my god, I had so many mixed emotions. Then I had this Cheshire grin on my face. Like it’s so bold and blatantly outrageous. And you go, ‘No, no, no, no, no!’. And then you go, ‘Wait a minute, maybe, yes, yes, yes, yes!’. I was like, ‘If we pull it off, we’ll pull it off. And if not, we tried’.”

Maybe The Fast Saga‘s leading man was just a little jealous that he wasn’t the one to get sent beyond the stars, but we’re now living in a world where a franchise that first revolved around low level thieves heisting DVD players is sending its cast into space and not only are audiences completely buying it, but they’re totally on board with it. Such is the appeal of Fast & Furious these days that anything is possible. So for all we know, that Jurassic World crossover might yet end up happening.