Vin Diesel Rumored To Be Playing Live-Action Role In The MCU

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The history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be viewed as an unqualified success, but Inhumans still holds the unwanted distinction of being the only one of the studio’s projects to be officially announced and given a release date that never actually made it in front of cameras. And based on how the short-lived TV series turned out, the decision might have been for the best.

Originally scheduled for October 2018 with Vin Diesel attached to play the team’s leader Black Bolt, Inhumans was set to be scripted by Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole, but the movie was pushed to July 2019 before being abandoned completely. The titular race were eventually introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D before being given their own spinoff, which was canceled after just eight episodes following poor ratings and overwhelmingly negative reviews, with the general consensus being that it was the worst thing to ever come out of the MCU.

However, rumors of a potential reboot have never went away, and now a new report from tipster Mikey Sutton claims that not only is Inhumans said to be back on the table at Marvel Studios, but Vin Diesel is still set to play Black Bolt. Cinema’s premiere vest-wearing action hero has admitted in the past that he might end up playing the role one day, and with Kevin Feige confirming that none of the previous TV shows are regarded as official canon, the previous incarnation of the team may as well have never existed.

Marvel have more than enough high-profile projects on their plate as it is, but maybe Feige wants to go out of his way and prove a point by showing that he can make Inhumans work after their last live-action outing turned out so poorly. You can understand Vin Diesel‘s enthusiasm, too, given that he could end up picking up two paychecks from Marvel, one for a voice role that requires him to say the same word over and over again and another for a character that doesn’t even speak.