WandaVision And Black Panther Stars Teaming Up For Amazon Action Comedy

Jimmy Woo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe features so many stars that they’re inevitably going to cross paths with each other outside the confines of Kevin Feige’s franchise, and now two actors with very different roles in the MCU are set to team up for a brand new action comedy.

Randall Park, who debuted as Jimmy Woo in Ant-Man and the Wasp before becoming a genuine cult hero thanks to his winning performance in WandaVision, has signed to co-star with Black Panther‘s Sterling K. Brown in an untitled effort that’s set up at Amazon Studios. Brown was only in the Best Picture nominee for a few minutes, but he was integral to the plot after his death inspired Killmonger’s entire arc.

He also happens to be a phenomenal actor with two Emmys and a Golden Globe under his belt, while Park is no slouch himself having lent his talents to a string of comedy hits and big budget blockbusters alike. Watchmen co-writer Alex Tse will handle script, which is described as being in a similar style to Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte’s 1982 classic 48 Hrs., widely lauded as the launchpad for the entire buddy action comedy subgenre as we know it.

Sterling K. Brown

The two leads play childhood friends who find themselves not just estranged, but working on opposite sides of the law. Of course, they’re thrown back together after being framed for a murder, sending them on the run to try and clear their names while also unraveling a criminal conspiracy.

The setup is fairly standard, but Brown and Park are both fantastic at what they do, so we can expect sparks to fly whenever the project gets an official title and a start date for production.

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