WandaVision’s Evan Peters Will Reportedly Return In [SPOILERS]


It’s no secret that many Marvel fans were disappointed in last week’s WandaVision finale, as ultimately, the Disney Plus show didn’t connect into the wider multiverse as we expected. Most frustrating of all was that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was not the X-Men version of the hero at all but some guy called Ralph Bohner that Agatha Harkness had hexed into thinking he was Pietro. But maybe this could be fixed in Doctor Strange 2

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is reporting that Peters will be back in the sequel and says that Marvel is viewing WandaVision as just part one of a trilogy that will continue with Spider-Man: No Way Home and the aforementioned solo outing for Benedict Cumberbatch’s heroPeters’ role in WV, then, was just a tease at the bigger revelations to come. According to Sutton’s sources, in fact, the truth about the character ties back to a mostly forgotten plot point from earlier on in the season.

In episode 4, Jimmy Woo tells Monica Rambeau that he first discovered the weirdness of Westview when he attempted to check in on someone placed in witness protection in the town. Sutton’s intel points to Peters being this person, with Ralph Bohner just his cover identity. In reality, he’ll be revealed to be Peter Maximoff, a refugee from the Fox universe, which will allegedly all come out in DS2. 

Peters’ Quicksilver is described as “the connecting multiverse thread that will help tie in all three projects” because he teases the idea of multiversal crossovers in WV before the walls between worlds really are broken in Spider-Man 3 and DS2. This is obviously what fans want to hear, and we’d love to believe that Marvel wouldn’t waste Peters by leaving him as Ralph, but let’s see how things pan out before getting too excited again.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is shooting in London now and is due out in about a year’s time on March 25th, 2022.