Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Planning A Doctor Fate Movie

Doctor Fate

The future of the Justice League on the big screen doesn’t look too bright right now, following the failure of the 2017 movie featuring the super-friends. Instead, it seems that Warner Bros. is hoping to fill the void by switching the focus to the League’s precursors in the comics, the Justice Society of America, and giving the various Golden Age heroes their own vehicles.

In fact, a source has told We Got This Covered that the studio is planning a film based on Doctor Fate. A story’s reportedly already in place and from what we understand, the movie’s first half will be a period piece and the second half will be set in the modern day. Apparently, WB’s looking for an actor between 30-40 to play the mystical hero and might end up going with a person of color.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Doctor Fate’s a mantle that’s been passed down through many people over the years, though the most famous is archaeologist Kent Nelson. He derives his powers from the golden Helmet of Nabu which, when worn, causes the host to be possessed by the spirit of the ancient sorcerer. Going by the fact that the lead may not be caucasian, we suspect WB might be using the Khalid Nassour version of Fate, an Egyptian/American medical student who first donned the helmet in 2015.

Alternatively, what if the movie’s going to star both Nelson and Nassour? Maybe the first half of the film takes the form of an Indiana Jones-esque 1940s adventure movie, featuring the archaeologist discovering the helmet. Then, in the 21st century, Nassour becomes the latest person to wear it. This is total conjecture on our part, but taking the movie in that direction would certainly make a lot of sense.

Tell us, would you be interested in a Doctor Fate film? Or are there other Golden Age characters you’d rather see on the big screen first? Have your say in the comments section down below.