Warner Bros. Producers Defend Zack Snyder’s Vision For The DC Films Universe And Justice League


2016 hasn’t been a particularly good year for Warner Bros.’ DC Films Universe. While Suicide Squad is performing well at the box office, both that and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice took a mauling from critics, hence why there’s now a lot of pressure on Wonder Woman and Justice League to deliver when they’re released next year.

Talking in a recent interview, producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle acknowledged the (mostly) positive fan response to Suicide Squad before the former jumped to the defence of Justice League director Zack Snyder when it was mentioned that changes were made to their latest release after critics took aim at the dark tone of The Trinity’s first big screen meeting.

“I’m just saying you need to pay attention [to criticism], but you also need to stay true to your vision. Zack Snyder is a great director.”

Roven then continued by weighing in on the seemingly very different tone featured in that Justice League trailer before explaining why we saw a greater level of humour in that sneak peek, which was absent in the likes of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“I think one of the things Zack really wanted to do, because everybody knows that Zack certainly has an ability to shoot action, was to just say, ‘Hey, I can do this, too.’ It doesn’t have to be all action. These characters are going to be different once they begin to interact with each other.”

That’s certainly a pretty interesting perspective on how the response to the DC Films Universe has so far had an impact on each subsequent release, and with many critics taking aim at the messy tone of Suicide Squad, it remains to be seen whether or not Snyder really has been able to pull off the right balance between action and humour in Justice League.