WB Reportedly Wants To Do A Bane Movie, Mandalorian Star Eyed

tom hardy dark knight rises

The success of Joker and the popularity of the Harley Quinn-centric Birds of Prey shows that Batman villains have enough clout to lead their own movies without having the Dark Knight around. Moving forward, then, we can expect a bunch more solo films for Bruce Wayne’s greatest enemies. Particularly once The Batman arrives, as Warner Bros. wants to use it to launch a wide-ranging rebooted Bat-universe. A universe that could potentially include a spinoff for Bane.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who previously told that Viola Davis was returning for The Suicide Squad and that Black Adam will show up in Shazam! 3, both of which we now know to be true – that WB is keen on giving the man who broke the Bat’s back his own vehicle in the near future. We’re hearing that Bane would definitely be portrayed as Latino in this version, too, in contrast to the way the character is often whitewashed considering his Mexican background in the comics.

In fact, one actor being eyed at present is The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal. As Marvel is also interested in hiring him as Kraven, though, it’s unknown if things will work out. He could potentially take on both roles, of course, but we’re told WB has other names on their list as well.

Pascal being eyed may tell us a couple of things about his role in Wonder Woman 1984, though. Clearly, if they’re looking to cast him as a different villain, Maxwell Lord will not make it out of this summer’s sequel alive. Not only that, but this also means that it’s very unlikely that The Batman and the original DCEU will share any kind of continuity. Then again, Marvel is starting to rehire actors now as well – Gemma Chan, Mahershala Ali – and everything they do is set in the MCU, so maybe it’s not that clear cut?

Whether this means Bane could turn up in The Batman for a cameo or a brief role, we don’t yet know, but it seems possible. Fans were hoping he’d appear in The Suicide Squad, but if he’s tied up with the Reeves-verse instead, then that surely won’t happen.