Warner Bros. Reportedly Developing Michael Keaton Batman Solo Project

Michael Keaton Batman

There have been plenty of Batman’s over the years but one of the most iconic and beloved has been Michael Keaton’s Batman who appeared in the 1989 titular film. While we were aware of the star reprising this role for the upcoming The Flash movie, according to a new report DC has bigger plans for Keaton’s Batman going forward.

According to a report by Giant Freaking Robot, DC is currently developing a solo project for Keaton’s Batman more than 30 years after the actor first stepped into the role. Their source couldn’t reveal to them any details about what this film would look like or how it would fit into the greater DC Extended Universe, meaning that the project is likely in its infancy.

More information that Giant Freaking Robot reported included Keaton signing a multiple picture deal with Warner Bros. to make several appearances in the DC Universe’s future films. While we know he has already completed filming his part for The Flash and will be appearing in HBO Max’s Batgirl which is expected to launch in 2022, a timeline for Keaton’s solo film isn’t clear at this point.

DC has big plans for the character of Batman it would seem even outside of their DC Extended Universe with The Batman set to launch next year boasting a completely separate narrative starring Robert Pattinson.

The more Batman the better and to see an iconic star return to the role later in his career will be quite an interesting dynamic. What a solo film will look like for Keaton will become clearer once we finally see his character appear once again in The Flash during 2022.