Warner Bros. Reportedly Want Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves to Make Up

Robert Pattinson Batman

The working relationship between movie stars and their Directors requires a fine balance of leadership and compromise from both parties. A Director tends to be accountable for the quality of the movie considering they control its direction, but they are clearly dependent on the performance of their team of actors and on-set staff. What happens when a huge blockbuster movie with a $100 million budget sees the Director and main star begin to fight? You get a very concerned publisher.

According to an insider source, we’ve come to learn that Warner Bros. are reportedly trying to reconcile Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ strained relationship. The studio is concerned that its two key staff on a prime project reportedly aren’t working well together. The pair has allegedly butted heads numerous times on the set of The Batman, with our earlier report from today that Robert Pattinson reportedly doesn’t ever want to work with Matt Reeves again.

The Batman

It seems like Warner Bros. are having an appropriate reaction to this incident. With The Batman 2 rumored to be in the media studio’s plans, they’re doing the right thing by trying to get ahead of this. By reconciling the relationship between Reeves and Pattinson, Warner Bros. would be protecting their interests as one would expect. If the relationship is mended then we could hope to see Pattinson and Reeves reprise their roles if the movie is successful.

As always, this is a rumor we’ve learned from our insider, and is therefore not guaranteed to be completely true. But, if Pattinson and Reeves are truly feuding, than we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case.