Warwick Davis’ Character In Han Solo Movie Might Have Been Revealed


Warwick Davis might not be a familiar face in the Star Wars franchise, but he is one of the saga’s most prolific actors. As a child, he appeared in Return of the Jedi as the Ewok Wicket and has featured in some masked role in various outings since. This year, he’s on double duty as both the voice of assassin Rukh in Star Wars Rebels and an as-yet-unrevealed role in The Last Jedi. Not only that, but thanks to a new report, we now might know who he’ll be playing in next year’s Han Solo prequel.

According to Making Star Wars, Davis will be suiting up as a revamped version of a classic robot. Specifically, the GNK power droid – which fans may recall previously appeared as just “a box with legs,” as MSW puts it. Davis’ character will be called Fight Droid 2, who’s “decked out with weapons” including a buzz saw and chainsaw. The site gives him the rather catchy description of “the Boba Fett of awesome yet lame robots.”

Davis’ character is just the latest element of the Han Solo movie that calls back to Star Wars history. Recent reports have revealed that the film might document the famed Kessel Run and also include two familiar planets. Not to mention that Darth Vader himself might even turn up for a cameo – though that remains unconfirmed.

While an over-reliance on what’s gone before could become problematic, this rumour about Davis’ role sounds like a lot of fun, giving us yet another great droid character to get to know and love.

The currently untitled Han Solo spinoff is set to arrive in this galaxy on May 25th, 2018.

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