Watch: Awesome Fan Trailer Pits The Boys’ Homelander Against Superman


Comic book fans have always wondered how Homelander would fare against the Last Son of Krypton given that their powers seem almost indistinguishable. Now, a seamless mashup of Amazon’s The Boys and footage of the DCEU’s Man of Steel teases how their confrontation could look like.

In terms of characteristics, Superman and John are nothing alike. One is a paragon of virtue, while the other is a narcissistic supervillain. One is a savior of the world as the strongest member of the Justice League, and the other a corporate crook who kills everyone that stands in his way. But even beyond these traits, there are some inherent differences between the two men, who are bestowed with godlike powers.

After all, Homelander was created inside a lab via a biological drug, whereas Clark Kent is an alien and owes his superpowers to the Sol System’s yellow sun. The Boys TV series has yet to show the leader of the Seven at his peak strength, but the process itself begs the question of whether Compound V can actually go toe-to-toe with Superman’s natural aptitudes.

The new video by Paradoxical Edits, who shared it on the fan trailers subreddit, doesn’t really focus on comparing the two iconic figures, though, and instead depicts how a rivalry could form between them. If Kal-El somehow got wind of what goes on behind the scenes of Homelander’s splendor as a superhero/celebrity, he’d do something about it. I mean, it took less for him to go after Batman, so this wouldn’t be such a stretch of the imagination.

On the other hand, the Man of Steel has a well-known Achilles heel that the trailer depicts: kryptonite. The Boys hasn’t revealed any such weaknesses for Homelander in the context of the plot, and at this point, he’s seemingly invincible. So, it’s interesting to speculate which would come out of this fight alive.

Who would you put your money on, though? Sound off below.