Homelander Marks His Territory In New Boys Season 2 Poster

The Boys

For fans that feel as though the constant stream of comic book blockbusters that arrive on the big screen have become increasingly repetitive and formulaic, the second season of Amazon’s hit series The Boys can’t come soon enough. In an age where big name comic book properties are becoming less and less willing to take risks in case it harms their chances at the box office, the adventures of Billy Butcher and the gang were a breath of fresh air for a genre that can often feel like it’s coming dangerously close to stagnating.

Everyone involved in The Boys has claimed that the second run of episodes is going to be darker, crazier and wilder than the first, and based on the recently-released trailer, they weren’t lying. Fans went wild at the promo that guaranteed the sort of insanity that you simply won’t find in any other TV show, and the only downside is that we have to wait until September to see it.

There’s still plenty of unfinished business between Karl Urban’s inventively foul-mouthed Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s twisted Homelander, and a new poster has been released that shows just how much the leader of the Seven cares about his city. See for yourself below:

Homelander has been proven to be a truly nasty piece of work and about as far away from his clean-cut public image as you could possibly get, but actress Aya Cash has already claimed that her debuting character Stormfront is going to be even worse, which doesn’t seem like it bodes well for either the megalomaniacal Seven or The Boys themselves as they continue their mission to wipe out the Supes for good.