The Boys Star Says Her New Character Is Worse Than Homelander

The Boys

Everyone enjoys a good villain, someone who’s nefarious and frightening, a character that revels in sowing the seed of chaos. It’s fair to say that The Boys has got the equation down just right, creating despicable ‘hero’ characters whose motivations are painted neither black nor white, but in shades of gray. The worst offender being Homelander, leader of the Seven. But it seems like the newest character to join the crew is “on par if not worse than” him. At least, that’s according to Aya Cash.

During The Boys F**kin’ Reunited virtual event, the cast got together and dropped a few new details about the next season, including a September release date. We also got to meet the aforementioned Cash, who plays the character of Stormfront, who’ll presumably be Homelander’s new frenemy. The hero has changed quite a bit from the original graphic novel iteration, and seems to have taken some inspiration from the ‘always online’ Snapchat and Instagram generation of celebrities.

Not much was revealed about the new character, but Cash did say that while Homelander and Stormfront butt heads in the beginning, she eventually earns his respect. This might signal a change in the group dynamics in season 2, especially given that we’re dealing with megalomaniacs who possess god-like powers.

Speaking of powers, in the comic books, Stormfront seems to be about as powerful as Homelander. With all the hallmarks of superhero abilities present, including flight and super-strength, he can also manipulate electricity and the weather. Cash’s version of the villain might get some tweaks, but for the most part, she’ll still be extremely formidable.

Season 2 of The Boys is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th, which is still a ways away. But in the meantime, we did get to see the first 3 minutes of the opening of the new season, and it looks fantastic.