Homelander And Billy Butcher Return In The Boys Season 2 Photos

The Boys

Although production is currently experiencing delays as a result of the coronavirus, The Boys season 2 is still on track for a 2020 release on Amazon Prime. Executive producer Eric Kripke, who recently discussed the new extremes that the second season is going to achieve, and teased new character Stormfront, has now put out some fresh images from the series. The shots, which you can catch below, show returning characters Homelander and Billy Butcher, and while not revealing much, at least demonstrate that progress is being made on the show.

At present, we don’t know too much about The Boys season 2, apart from repeated comments by the production team and cast that they’ll be going to even more dark and twisted places than their initial season. In particular, Stormfront is being set up as a new threat to Butcher and Hughie, with powers that may draw on touchstones like Thor and Shazam, in a similar way that the series’ use of The Seven echoes familiar DC heroes.

Kripke has also suggested that The Boys will be exploring the impact of white nationalism, with Stormfront likely to play a key role in embodying these themes. In addition, it appears that there’ll be a change in status for Homelander, while some early teasers suggest that we’ll be seeing more of his childhood and potential abuse by Vought Industries. Furthermore, the trailer we received towards the end of last year, available above, included glimpses of Homelander’s son, continued media attention on Starlight and, as to be expected, plenty of gore.

A longer trailer for season 2 of The Boys was expected at PaleyFest last week, but due to the wide-reaching effects of the coronavirus, it has now been put on hold. We’re hoping that Amazon will put the promo out online instead and provide some more clues as to when new episodes of the series will be available to stream. While the season’s premiere will almost certainly be later in 2020, recent delays suggest that a potential summer launch may be pushed back until the fall.