Watch: Amazon Drops First 3 Minutes Of The Boys Season 2


Though it’s not quite as good as a full-length trailer for The Boys season 2, Amazon dropped the next best thing today by giving us the first 3 minutes of the next run of the show. And you can catch it up in the player above at the 47:35 mark. We’ll warn you now though that it’s definitely NSFW.

Showrunner Eric Kripke and his team have already promised fans that The Boys season 2 will be even darker and more twisted than what came before – thanks in large part to the addition of Stormfront – and today’s new-look certainly lives up to those expectations. And then some.

But circling back to the aforementioned Stormfront, and Aya Cash’s new character will seemingly combine the best elements of Thor and Shazam!, with a touch of nazism. Perhaps one of the more intriguing elements of her introduction though is how she’ll riff with Homelander, seeing as he’s basically the WMD of Vought’s dreaded arsenal.

Well, in Cash’s own words, her newfangled superhero will “challenge” Homelander, who will surely be touting his status as an untouchable (and seemingly uncontrollable) Messiah figure given that Madelyn Stillwell is now no more.

Here’s what the actress had to say to Entertainment Weekly about the tension underpinning Stormfront and Homelander’s ‘working relationship’ when she spoke to them a few months back:

He’s used to everyone being scared of him. She matches him. That’s not to say she doesn’t understand his power and tiptoe around it sometimes, but she’s also willing to challenge him. Ultimately, I think the dynamic between the two is terrifying and will change who Homelander is.

Look for season 2 of The Boys to premiere via Amazon Prime on September 4th, when we’ll be able to dive back into the world of comic book action and superheroes who abide only themselves.  The streaming giant definitely has some big expectations to live up to, given how well season 1 was received, but judging by this first look at the next run, it certainly seems like they’ll be able to meet them.