Watch: Daredevil Joins The Team In Avengers 5 Concept Trailer

Avengers 5

The Infinity Saga concluded with Tony Stark sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos and his legions, but this awesome concept trailer – from YouTuber Billy Crammer – for the next Avengers movie features the character’s resurrection and the team reassembling again.

As we inched closer to the end of the gigantic story arc, especially with the last two Avengers films, we knew that there would be casualties. And the writers proved their dedication to a compelling and unexpected narrative in the first moments of Infinity War by having the Mad Titan kill Heimdall and Loki. But the two Asgardians were just the beginning. Over the course of the film, we lost both Gamora and Vision, not to mention countless other characters after Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped half of all living things from existence.

Of course, the Avengers managed to bring the dusted people back, but in doing so lost Black Widow and Iron Man. When you think about it, though, everyone except Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is making a return. Natasha Romanoff has her solo movie, Black Widow, while Vision will be back in WandaVision. Even Loki, the God of Mischief, is getting his own live-action series.

But what about Iron Man? Well, we’ve already heard that Marvel is looking for a way to have him return, and a previous report suggested that Pepper Potts will try to resurrect her husband in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While the notion seems a bit wild, to say the least, this new fan trailer has given us an idea as to what his potential resurrection would look like.

The first half of the concept trailer, compiling footage from various Marvel media, depicts how the Avengers, or a partisan of their cause, try to bring Tony back to life, and successfully so. The focus then shifts to the next big threat, presumably Galactus, which will have all of Marvel’s heroes, even the newly arrived X-Men and a few of the Defenders, assemble to stop the destruction of Earth.

At this point, we don’t know what Kevin Feige and the rest of the team are planning for the next big event in the MCU, but we certainly wouldn’t mind if they decided to bring back the charismatic billionaire in the next Avengers movie, especially if the fate of the world necessitated his return.