Watch: New Cherry Trailer Sees Tom Holland Gunning For An Oscar


The last time Tom Holland teamed up with the Russo brothers, it was on the highest-grossing movie in the history of cinema, but their latest collaboration is about as far away from Avengers: Endgame as you could possibly get. Instead, they’ll be gunning for awards season glory, with Cherry ticking all of the boxes required of a prestige drama.

Based on an acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel, the Spider-Man star plays Nico Walker, a young and innocent man who enlists in the army and returns home from the front lines a completely different person. Suffering from undiagnosed PTSD and an opioid addiction, he turns to robbing banks in order to fund his habit, while desperately trying to keep his relationship with his childhood sweetheart intact.

We’ve been hearing big things about Cherry for a while now, with the directorial siblings claiming that the leading man is well worthy of Academy Award buzz for his performance, and based on the trailer alone, it certainly looks as though he could establish himself as a serious contender, with Holland building on his phenomenal turn in Netflix’s The Devil All the Time to prove that there are many more strings to his bow than swinging around in a spandex costume.

AppleTV+ reportedly shelled out a huge amount of money to secure the distribution rights, and the movie will screen in theaters for two weeks beginning from the 28th of February in order to meet the criteria that any project needs at least some form of theatrical release in order to be considered eligible for the Oscars. The streaming service are said to be planning a huge push with that goal in mind, and judging by the latest footage, it looks as though Cherry could be right in the thick of the race.