Watch: Chris Hemsworth shares explosive ‘Extraction 2’ BTS video

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard anything from Netflix action sequel Extraction 2, with the last behind the scenes footage showcasing Chris Hemsworth indulging in his most dangerous sequence yet, by putting on his coat in hilariously convoluted fashion.

Shooting has been ongoing since November, with the sunnier climes of the original being replaced by the decidedly chillier Prague and Vienna. The opening installment shocked a lot of people when it exploded out of the blocks to become the streaming service’s most-watched original movie ever, which heaps more pressure onto the return of Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake.

Not only that, but producers Joe and Anthony Russo have already teased they’ve got plans for an entire Extraction cinematic universe, with director Sam Hargrave set to lead the charge. Taking to Instagram, Hemsworth has shared a new behind the scenes video, one that showcases the best way to keep warm while shooting in Europe during the early months of the year, which you can see below.

Extraction arrived at the exact right time under the wrong circumstances, with the bruising actioner’s massive popularity partially being explained away by the fact it landed at the height of COVID’s first wave, with Netflix subscribers everywhere remaining confined to their homes and drawn in by Hemsworth’s star power, not to mention the lure of undemanding, explosive entertainment.

By default, that’s increased the expectations on the second chapter exponentially, but rest assured Hargrave and Hemsworth will be pulling out all of the stops in order to deliver.

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