First ‘Extraction 2’ image reveals Chris Hemsworth in the cold


It’s hard to put a different spin on a new installment of an action movie that takes place in the well-worn ‘one man army’ subgenre, so Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave has decided to take the logical step of moving the second outing for Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake into the complete opposite climate.

The bruising Netflix favorite unfolded in the sun-drenched, sweaty and humid climes of Bangladesh, but thanks to a couple of behind the scenes videos shared by the director and star, we know the second chapter is currently in front of cameras in the much colder and very snowy Prague.

With shooting well underway, the first image from Extraction 2 has been released, and it shows our returning hero glowering into the middle distance, presumably at some enemies he’s preparing to either shoot, stab, punch or just generally barrel his way through.

Extraction 2 comes burdened with expectations that the opener didn’t have, with the crunching choreography and no-nonsense set pieces propelling it to the honor of becoming Netflix’s most-watched original movie ever. That title has now been claimed by Red Notice, so Hemsworth and Hargrave have a point to prove when the finished film arrives, which is probably towards the end of next year.