Watch: Ed And Lorraine Warren Explain How To Check If You Have A Haunted House


While not the most reliable sources, Ed and Lorraine Warren are, at least, pretty good at talking up their own activities as paranormal investigators. The onscreen versions of the characters have tackled a host of different haunted places in The Conjuring franchise, as well as tangling with possessed dolls and other creatures.

The official YouTube channel for the Warrens, who have both now passed away, have shared a clip recently of the couple explaining how to tell if your own house is haunted. The husband and wife team made their comments while on Seekers of the Supernatural in what appears to be 2000, with the clip available above.

The Warrens talk about familiar haunting signs, including shadows and mysterious lights, as well as odd noises, described as “infestations”. In addition, they suggest that the longer a family lives in a home, the more psychic energy they throw off, strengthening any spirits.

During the conversation, the Warrens give some specific examples of hauntings they’ve come across, and how they’ve attempted to communicate with presences. Although it might not provide step-by-step instructions to confirm if your home is haunted, the video does catalogue some of the different types of spirits, including whether you’re dealing with something demonic. We also get some references to the Amityville case, and even if you’re a bit skeptical of the Warrens, it’s hard to argue that they don’t talk a good game.

In terms of the movie versions of the Warrens, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is due out, lockdown permitting, on September 11th of this year. While waiting, anyone curious about the farmhouse that we see in The Conjuring can check out one of the live-streams being run by a new paranormal investigator couple that are currently living, and fully exploiting, the infamy of the building.

What do you think of the Warrens’ advice, though? As ever, share your thoughts and mysterious goings-on in the comments down below.