Watch: No Escape Trailer Promises Escape Room Death Traps

No Escape

A new trailer for the movie No Escape has been released today. Seen above, it promises dank, torturous and nasty things being done to annoying twenty-somethings.

The plot follows a popular internet vlogger specializing in extreme challenges as he travels to Moscow with his friends to attempt the ultimate escape room, only for the experience to become a little too real and dangerous as sinister machinations are gradually revealed.

On the subject of escape rooms, writer-director Will Wernick was behind one of the glut of Escape Room horror movies to have come out over the last few years after a dozen creators all had the same idea, and just to make things as confusing as possible, this film was previously titled Follow Me in reference to the influencer protagonist, and is still listed on IMDb as such.

The pic’s influences are clear to see, from its Eastern European setting where the abduction and torture of young American tourists runs rampant, to the sequence of agonizing death traps to which the ensemble of protagonists are subjected.

To be honest, the trailer seems to reveal a little too much about how the story progresses. While there’s not exactly a myriad of possibilities one could choose from to use as the big reveal of a movie like this, that it was felt necessary to be included in the trailer suggests, regardless of the accuracy, that there’s not an abundance of compelling material to be found in the opening two acts.

The horror movie setup of an assortment of young and attractive people of variously obnoxious personalities meeting agonizing ends will never go out of fashion, but hopefully No Escape will ultimately have more to offer when it hits VOD platforms on September 18th.