Watch: Fans Go Wild For Johnny Depp Film Festival Appearance


There’s definitely a disconnect between the industry and the public’s perception of Johnny Depp, with fans backing the star to the hilt on social media and in various other public or online forums, while the former Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts star freely admits that he’s being boycotted by Hollywood.

The majority of Depp’s appearances over the last year or so that didn’t involve him heading into a courtroom have seen him turn up at various film festivals to collect honors, something that’s generated plenty of backlash in itself from some quarters. The director of the San Sebastian Film Festival addressed the criticism by saying the actor hadn’t been convicted of anything, but as you can see in the video below, crowds at the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary Film Festival were thrilled to see him.

Detractors have blasted the likes of San Sebastian, Karlovy Vary and last year’s Cameraimage for throwing accolades at Depp, claiming the organizers are using his notoriety to drum up publicity and press, which might not be too far wide of the truth in some respects. However, Minamata director Andrew Levitas is also furious with MGM for burying his film based entirely on the 58 year-old’s involvement, meaning his art is suffering by association.

Looking at the latest twists and turns in the never-ending war of attrition between Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard, a full-blown comeback and re-acceptance into the fold could still be a long way away, but his fans are evidently going to continue supporting him at every turn.