Watch: Fear Street Part 2 Trailer Teases Throwback 70s Slasher Action


Netflix launched a unique movie/TV hybrid last week which is going down a storm with viewers. The Fear Street trilogy – a trio of teen horror films – is releasing weekly for the first three Fridays of this month, offering subscribers the thrill of a feature-length chiller but also the cliffhanger endings and anticipation for next week’s chapter that comes with watching a TV show. Following Part 1: 1994 debuting on July 2nd, the first trailer for Fear Street Part 2: 1978 has now arrived. Check it out via the player above.

The story of the darkness that plagues the town of Shadyside continues in this middle entry in the trilogy, which sees the action travel back to 1978, where the teens spending their summer at Camp Nightwing find themselves trapped in a nightmare when a(nother) masked murderer starts taking them out one by one. As revealed in this trailer, we’ll be learning about the horrors that Gillian Jacobs’ C. Berman experienced in her own adolescence.

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink leads the cast this time, as joined by Emily Rudd, McCabe Slye, Ryan Simpsons and Brandon Spink. Meanwhile, Kiana Madeira, Benjamin Flores Jr., Olivia Scott Welch and others reprise their roles from Part 1 in the wraparound narrative. Here’s how the full synopsis puts it:

“Shadyside, 1978. School’s out for summer and the activities at Camp Nightwing are about to begin. But when another Shadysider is possessed with the urge to kill, the fun in the sun becomes a gruesome fight for survival.”

Fear Street

Just as the 90s-set opening chapter tipped its hat to ScreamPart 2 promises to pay homage to the great horrors of the 70s. The summer camp setting instantly brings to mind 1980’s Friday the 13th while one scene in the trailer teases a prank involving a bucket of fake blood – i.e. 1976’s Carrie. What’s more, the year of 1978 is a key one in horror history as it was the year the original Halloween hit theaters.

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 premieres on Netflix this Friday, July 9th. The trilogy – which this trailer boldly labels “the movie event of the summer” – then concludes with Part 3: 1666 on July 16th.