Watch: Halloween Kills B-Roll And Outtakes Give Potential Plot Teasers


The above reel of B-roll and outtakes for Halloween Kills was released this week on the YouTube channel JoBlo Movie Trailers ahead of the film’s debut in theaters this month, and the brief segments include possible insights into the plot of the sequel.

The new movie is a direct follow-up to 2018’s critically acclaimed Halloween, with the story picking up soon after antagonist Michael Myers was left to burn to death. However, if the trailers are any indication, it appears the deranged killer is at it again and facing off with the people of Haddonfield in a united front to stop his mayhem. The movie is the second installment of a planned trilogy, which will be wrapped up in Halloween Ends.

Footage from the B-roll and outtakes are taken far back from the main cinema cameras capturing the action of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode in a medical gown recovering from an apparent stab wound in a hospital bed, then in another clip, she is in normal clothes in a hallway pleading with a group of apparent townsfolk rushing past her while she screams “it’s not him! No, I’ve seen his face! I’m Laurie Strode! You sheep, it’s not him!”

It raises whether the antagonist of this film is a Michael Myer impersonator who is doing a kind of copycat murder in homage to the original villain. We also see brief clips of the masked baddie jumping down from on top of a car with a bloody knife in hand, then stabbing inside the car and at another point see him staring at his reflection in a bedroom mirror. In addition, we also see clips of a menacing-looking Michael C. Hall, playing Tommy Doyle, wielding a baseball bat in an apparent hunt of his childhood tormentor.

We’ll just have to see how all these elements coalesce when Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 15th, 2021.