Watch: Joel And Ellie Team Up In The Last Of Us Movie Fan-Made Trailer

The Last Of Us

We’ve been lucky enough to get a heap of super cool fan trailers lately. From the jaw-droppingly awesome Lord Vader: A Star Wars Story, to a blood-drenched showdown between two of cinema’s most iconic villains in Jason Vs. Michael, it’s always fun showcasing unique fan-made interpretations of established franchises.

The latest fan trailer to catch our eye is a Last Of Us movie concept teaser, and it’s a real doozie. You can check it out in full above and of course, much thanks must go to the talented YouTuber Smasher for assembling such an authentic take on Sony’s post-apocalyptic horror exclusive. Frankly, this newly discovered video makes us wish for more official news about the recently announced television adaptation.

As you may already know, right now, The Last Of Us is currently in pre-production for the small screen and is scheduled to debut on HBO at some point in the near future. On paper, the ingredients are definitely there to craft something truly special. Not only is the games’ writer-director Neil Druckman attached to help pen the script, but Chernobyl‘s creator Craig Mazin is also involved. Furthermore, Breaking Bad director Johan Renck is apparently on board to helm the show’s pilot, and the survival-horror franchise’s Argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla is on hand for the TV show’s musical score as well.

It’s likely that the upcoming series will look pretty similar – both tonally and aesthetically – to this recently discovered fan trailer, too. Unfortunately, no casting details or a concrete release date have been officially announced for the project, but rest assured that it’s starting to take shape behind the scenes.

Tell us, though, are you excited for HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation The Last Of Us? And who do you think should play the iconic roles of Joel and Ellie? Let us know in the usual place down below.