Watch: New Justice League Video Reveals The Making Of The Snyder Cut

Justice League

Reactions to the long-awaited premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League have been pretty positive, with audiences and critics appreciating the additional depth brought to the story by the director, as well as some improved stylistic choices. HBO Max are clearly pleased with Snyder’s efforts, too, and are reportedly keen to tie him down to an exclusive deal (if Netflix doesn’t get there first). Those wanting more insight into the production, however, can now check out a behind-the-scenes featurette that can be seen up above.

The making-of clip provides a brief summary of the fan campaign to bring the expanded edit to life, including interviews with the main cast. Snyder talks about the “immersive” qualities of the 4-hour version of Justice League, and the online push to see how his work on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice paid off.

We also get some glimpses of the new sequences shot for the updated edition, including Jared Leto’s return as the Joker, and the filmmaker working together with the lead actors. Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher are among those who praise the level of detail that Snyder went into in translating his ideas to the screen, while it appears that all the stars had a more enjoyable time with him than in the troubled environment under Joss Whedon.

Of course, these kinds of promotional clips are meant to show enthusiasm and the fun of the shoot, but it does seem that Zack Snyder has a good professional and personal relationship with all involved, which presumably helped enable his Justice League to end up outshining its predecessor. Although Snyder has been cautious about returning to the DCEU, the response so far to the movie does make it easier to imagine his sequels being made, at least in some form.