Zack Snyder Reportedly Eyed By Netflix And HBO Max For Exclusive Deals


It’s been a busy week for Zack Snyder, with the long-awaited premiere of his Justice League cut happening yesterday. Fans are already praising the release as vindication of the push for getting the Snyder Cut out, and it now seems that the filmmaker is being eyed for exclusive deals by both Netflix and HBO Max.

According to Small Screen, the two companies are keen to commit the director to contracts, with multiple sources sharing the interest of each brand. For HBO Max, the desire to tie Snyder down is due to the success of Justice League, and wanting him to build on it with more productions, presumably those linked to his well-established relationship with studio Warner Bros.

Here’s what one person is claiming:

“I’m hearing that HBO Max is desperately trying to get Snyder to sign an exclusivity deal with them. This would be the first for the company, but they are so happy with Justice League – reaction and the movie itself – that they want him to do more and work solely for them. No one else.”

However, it also makes sense that Netflix want Snyder to sign with them in a similar way to David Fincher, in that he’ll only make films for the streamer for their use, something that appears to be based on the upcoming Army of the Dead. This move corroborates what we’ve already heard about the online giant’s plans, and comes after the investment they’ve made in a prequel and animated series spinning off of the new zombie feature.

This is what Small Screen’s source has to say about it:

“Netflix wants Snyder to make films just for them. They’re trying to get him to sign a similar deal to the one Fincher signed. This would mean that his next projects would come out only on Netflix and be Netflix exclusives. No word on whether he’s accepted or declined yet…I’m hearing that they are in love with Army Of The Dead and want a sequel. They are also really pleased with the prequel animated series he produced for them. They just want to keep on working with him. It’s a good working relationship for both parties.”

What’s clear here is the significant clout that Snyder and wife and producer Deborah now possess. In addition, he’s built a strong following that Hollywood and streaming players will surely hope to exploit.

Given that other reports indicate that the 55-year-old is being targeted by Disney for a Star Wars movie, it’s still possible that Zack Snyder could end up at a different patron entirely, or maybe he’ll just choose not to bind himself to any one company. We’d also be surprised if he doesn’t take a further swing at developing more DCEU pictures, especially given the increasing chances of a Justice League sequel.