Watch: Last Night In Soho Trailer Teases Edgar Wright’s Trippy Thriller


Edgar Wright has made a concerted effort to tackle a different genre with each of his directorial efforts, and it’s garnered him a reputation as one of the industry’s most visually distinctive and exciting filmmakers.

Shaun of the Dead was a romantic comedy with zombies, Hot Fuzz a pastiche of the buddy cop film set in a sleepy British village, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World a comic book adaptation heavily indebted to video games, The World’s End an apocalyptic blockbuster revolving around the longings of nostalgia, while Baby Driver delivered a breakneck heist caper set perfectly in tune to the soundtrack.

Next up is Last Night in Soho, a trippy and psychedelic thriller that looks to dovetail between 1960s London and the modern-day with terrifying results. Thomasin McKenzie’s young woman has dreams of being a fashion designer but somehow finds herself transported back to 1966, where she possesses the body of her idol Sandy, a glamorous singer.

However, not all is what it seems, and the past and present both collide and fall apart with unforeseen and incredibly dangerous consequences for all involved. Anya Taylor-Joy called Last Night in Soho a well-directed acid trip, while the early reviews coming out of the Venice Film Festival have been strong, and there’s not long to go until the movie hits theaters on October 29th.