Watch: Liam Neeson Fights To Clear His Name In Honest Thief Trailer

Honest Thief

From the moment Pierre Morel’s Taken brought out a very particular set of skills in Liam Neeson, the actor’s filmography has been a roller-coaster ride of soaring highs (The Grey) and crushing lows (Takens 2 and 3). But a spotty record has in no way cooled his enthusiasm for the action genre, as he’ll soon be back, back, back for Honest Thief, and you can catch a look at what’s in store via the trailer up above.

The film sees Neeson as a bank robber trying to clear his name and looking for a way out of his life of crime. Obviously, that’s no easy feat and coming up against two dirty cops (played by Anthony Ramos and Jai Courtney) doesn’t exactly make things any easier.

Obviously, this is the type of role – and indeed, movie – that Neeson can tackle in his sleep, and though it looks fairly generic all things considered, the cast is certainly appealing. Aside from the Star Wars actor, Ramos and Courtney, you’ve also got Kate Walsh, Robert Patrick, Jeffrey Donovan and Jasmine Cephas Jones.

Honest Thief

As mentioned above, nothing you see here is going to move the needle as far as action movies go and if you’ve seen any of Neeson’s work over the past 10 years or so, this should all feel pretty familiar. But if you’re a fan of the nice little corner of the genre that he’s carved out for himself lately, then Honest Thief should definitely keep you entertained.

As of now, the pic is scheduled to hit theaters on October 9th. Although, given the current pandemic, that can obviously change. As always, watch this space for more and be sure to drop a comment down below with your thoughts on Neeson’s latest effort.